Investor Relations Code of Conduct

Before you enter the investor relations portion of our website, we encourage you to read our investor relations objectives and code of conduct below. Please click "I Agree" at the bottom.

We source most of the information on this website from our IPO offer document dated March 27, 2019.You can find the document on the SEBI/Exchange filings section under the Unit Information tab.

We, at Embassy REIT, are the first publicly-listed Real Estate Investment Trust in India, the world’s fastest growing economy; we know a lot of people are watching our performance so we plan to engage with investors the right way.

We believe that, by running our business well and by communicating with investors openly, we can maximize the value of our units by increasing the distributions, the Net Asset Value (NAV) and consequently provide you, the unitholder, with the total returns that you should expect from a best-in-class REIT.

We aim to provide all our stakeholders with timely, accurate and honest information that provides the most transparent updates on how we run our business and how we finance our business.

Our business itself is simple: we own and operate the best portfolio of commercial assets in India with a suite of complementary hospitality and renewable energy assets that cater to our needs of our tenants in our office parks and commercial offices. Take a moment to download our company snapshot and browse through the attributes of our 33msf portfolio.

We will always comply with the letter of the law in the way we run our business and in the manner in which we communicate with our unitholders.

We will not selectively disclose any material information to any member of the public. Again, there are no exceptions.

We will not condone any form of insider trading, and we will prosecute individuals and organizations to the fullest extent of the law if they trade our units unlawfully.

Please read the corporate governance section of our website and understand how you, the unitholder, can hold us, the manager, accountable through your rights and by understanding how the Board of Directors, the management and The Trustee are required to act on your behalf.

We will, through our website and selectively through other media channels, disseminate any and all information that is relevant to our financial and operating performance.

We will keep records of our performance, presentations, and past earnings releases on our website so you may access them at any time.

Thank you

Embassy Office Parks is India’s first publicly-listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). We own and operate a high-quality Grade-A office portfolio across 4 gateway cities in India. Our portfolio is 95% occupied and comprises seven best-in-class office parks and four prime city-center office buildings totaling 33 million square feet as of December 31, 2018, We also have strategic amenities including four hotels (two completed, two under-construction) totaling 1,096 keys, food courts, employee transportation and childcare facilities. (click here for our fact sheet)

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